It is since 2010 that Celiamor dedicates itself to the continue searching of the "gluten free" taste.

Through the apulian's old tradition, choosing the genuineness of the product and using the raw material of our land, our products make us proud, guaranteeing the highest quality for our consumers.

Celiamor is constantly studying and developing new ideas and new recipes to satisfy our consumers' taste, offering them a wide selection, an excellent taste and many alternative, always respecting and preserving our traditions.

Celiamor is always searching for new products of companies who are involved in the production of gluten free foods, so it can always offer a brand new products to its customers.

We can help you by offering up- to- date information  about the gluten free world and the quality control of many products.

Who is affected by celiac disease is the natural consumer of gluten free food, but many people are now choosing a healthy diet and they are coming to visit our shop.

Taralli with extra virgin oil
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